How To Solve Download Pending In Play Store

How To Solve Download Pending In Play Store

Ever experienced download pending in Google Play Store, here is the manner by which to settle it.


# Method 1: Check Internet association

First and the most critical thing is to check whether the web association is working or not. In the event that you are associated with a Wifi organize, at that point ensures that system quality is solid on the grounds that feeble signs result in a temperamental association that is in charge of "Download pending" mistake in play store.

# Method 2: Update Google Play Store :

To do this, most importantly, you have to check whether your Google Play Store application is avant-garde or not. So on the off chance that you don't have a clue about the correct strides to check it, at that point take after the beneath direct.

To do this, above all else, open play store application on your Android device.Now, tap on the burger menu symbol, situated at the upper left corner.Here, simply look down and discover "Settings" choice, essentially tap on it.Now go to the "About" tab, here you will detect the "Play Store Version", simply tap on it", to continue further.So next, If there is no any refresh accessible, at that point you get a popup message on your screen saying "Google play store is up and coming", however in the event that there is a refresh accessible then it starts downloading consequently.

# Method 3: Clear Google Play Store Cache Memory and information:

Right off the bat, Go to "Settings" of your Android device.Next open "Applications/Apps and Notifications" ( relying upon your device).Now, find the "Play store" under all appsTap on the "Capacity", here you will see two unique catches for clearing the reserve and application information, simply tap on it one by one to finish the procedure.

reebot the phone and try again..
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Google Chrome Embrace Finger Prints Confirmation For Android Security

Google Chrome Embrace Finger Prints Confirmation For Android Security .


The most essential is unique finger impression validation on Android, which enables sites to get to a gadget's finger impression sensor and "shape distinguishing proof." Fingerprint sensor bolster is valuable on sites that execute the API so Touch ID can be utilized for 2-factor verification.

Moreover, the Android variant of Chrome will utilize "shape ID," which depends on three diverse APIs to recognize faces, standardized tags, and Latin content in pictures over the web.

Another intriguing change reported by the designers is that beginning this form of

Chrome , the program will never again incorporate the Android and iOS manufacture number in the client specialist distinguishing proof string.

The change is intended to forestall misuse focusing on, fingerprinting, and different misuse that could prompt individual information rupture. The vast majority of alternate changes incorporated into Chrome 70 beta are intended to designers, so we won't show them, yet you can discover them all at the source interface.
Source: Phonearena

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Vivo XPlay7 the primary smart telephone With 10GB Ram

Vivo XPlay7 the primary smart telephone With 10GB Ram ..Vivo XPlay7 became rumoured to have as much as 10GB ram and 512GB inbuilt storage with 4k OLED show, dual cameras,snapdragon 845 SoC and an below-show fingerprint sensor. The enterprise's X20 Plus UD lately became the world's first smartphone to launch with an below-display fingerprint sensor.
oin keeping with the photographs leaked online, the Xplay7 might also be secured with the Synaptics-powered fingerprint reputation generation.
With a Snapdragon 845 SoC anticipated, it'll be Vivo's simplest smartphone because the Xplay6 to game a Qualcomm flagship SoC.talking approximately the cameras, the leaks reveal a twin rear digital camera setup with 4X optical zoom. The telephone is rumoured to game a 4K OLED show with a ninety two.nine percentage display screen-to-body ratio.
it's miles predicted to arrive in two garage variants - 256GB and 512GB - coupled with 10GB of RAM.
even as Android OEMs have been pushing the barrier for the past few years, this is probably the first example when a smartphone comes with RAM ability in double digits.
there may be currently no update at the pricing and availability but we assume it to be to be had in the coming weeks at a starting charge of round $500 (kind of Rs. 31,800).
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Zealmat CEO Launches A Music/Video WP Site :PrimeSong

"Success is no accident. It is hard
work, perseverance, learning,
studying, sacrifice and most of all,
love of what you are doing or
learning to do." - Pele

Like they said "Without hard work, nothing grows."

This Passionate Blogger By Name Mathias Amodu" a student at
Kogi State University Ayingba (200 Level Faculty of Agriculture in The Department of
Crop Production) also an Igala by tribe and
raised up as Christian here in Nigeria,

With his hard work and knowledge and idea has put in place or archived something with his hard work.

Just this 2017 he launched a BulkSMS named SMSJUT

Some months back and now he has also launched a music/video Blog hosted under WordPress which was currently launched, Though it was hosted under Blogspot but now he has moved to a WordPress hosting adding to it all, he still own and run three sites (, and is his newly launched music/video blog you can also get your music/videos promoted on the blog at cheaper rate.

Primesong supports all trybes of music/videos.

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How To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

How To Prevent Your Phone From

If you want to prevent your Phone
from overheating, you should do the

*Take out and inspect your battery from
time to time and make sure it’s not leaking
or bloated.

* Changing your device’s battery every one
to two years will increase your phone’s life
and decrease overheating.

* Remove the case when charging.

* Disable unwanted features.

* Lower your camera settings if they are too
high; they can help to prevent your phone
from overheating.

* Use the appropriate charger while charging (Use the appropriate charger for charging).

* Stop app that works on background (using back ground data)

* Try not to play games for too long.

* Avoid charging and playing of games or pressing of your device while charging for it may cause over heating

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Henry Ijogu write up's about blogsphere

With refrence to My Friends List. It seems
'everyone' is now into blogging.
The competition is now high to the peak,
virtually all niche are stuffed now. Even
competition on porn niche, every 'nooks nd
cranny' of d internet are stuffed with
bloggers and webmasters, most of which
are blinded by the false that 'the easiest
online money making scheme is blogging
cos you just have to sit & start posting then
money comes' bloggers with blinded
falsehood, some cant even buy a custom
domain, some use free freenom domain,
some cant even renew their domain, some
will open so many blogs in the hope on
earning 'more' i call them bloggers with
blinded falsehood.
Some have not even spend a dime on their
blog 'cos nah so so free tins them de use'
yet they expect to earn from the blog.

Please ask your parents if they did not send
you to school, are they going to reap the
fruit of their labour?? Now ask your self if
you dont spend to keep your blog to the
required standard will you reap from it, you
are using a free .tk domain and you expect
me to leave naij. Com to read on your .tk
blog. OPPs.
Here is what you should note today.

1. Not all are gonna make it via blogging
*many were called but few are gonna be
choosen based on their handiwork* i myself
might not even be choosen

2. The more your blogging mindset is set on
making money the more harder it becomes
for you to earn

3. To be a profesional you have to start
from the foundation, i started from jss1
learning and teaching myself what i ought
to know, then i started blogging year 2016 *
i started from wapka, xtgem, mywapblog,
peperonity, to mention but few* when i see
that i am above that i moved to *free host a
wp, and blogger, createaforum, php, phpbb,
vanilla, woocommerce, real estate
management* i taught myself *html/xhtml,
normal javascript, css, part of node.js and
angular js, graphic design, modding, app
developing both online and offline etc* all
this keep me going in the game, tho you
dont need all of this to be a successfull
blogger, but last last you shall know the
importance of it.

4.the more you see blogging as an easy job
the more lazy you become to learn,read
wide and research

5.bogging is voluminous its wide, but what
most of us beliv is that if you have a pc and
android you can blog, have you heard of
Vlogging? Oya lie? Some will even start
searching for what vlogging is now?

6. Some self acclaimed bloggers dont even
know the difference between a wordpress
site, blogger site, wapsite and a forum?? So
tell me as a blogger what do you spend your
time doing online?? A blogger/programmer
even calld nairaland a chatting site.

7. If your blog dont fetch you money other
things can?? Like if you have knowledge in
those excerpt i mentioned earlier like, html,
css, seo, app develping etc you earn better
money from it than blogging, ask me how??
Blogging is juat like a teaching job, eg in a
public school everyone knows that our
teachers dont get paid a good salary, but we
the students who later become engineers,
doctors, lawyers in future earns X100 of
what the teachers are earning.

8. Dont except free things always, bloggers
dont beg, they take up challenge, pay to
learn new things, they do something
different with their blog, they dont copy, do
you know virtually all wapka sites are the
same in content publishing and site type
and designs, virtually all blogger sites are
entertainment news and tech sites, also
base on logistics virtually all wordpress sites
are music and video sites few news etc,

9. The day u try to rest without laying a
good foundation for your blog the day you
mark the beginning of your failure as a

10. Those who have multiple talents *like
me* find it difficult to concentrate on one
thing, for example i dont concentrate only
on blogging before and even now, but i
loved blogging more and anything related
to it like article writing, proof reading, seo
etc so i decieded to venture into it fully this
year and i came up with NaijaRep .com ,
and abandon some of others i dont need
now and i sold out some and give out some
so i can concentrate on how to make it
standout and successful..

11. The more you keep running from one
host to another in your active and youthful
time the weaker u become, no host can
provide you that 100% accuracy you want,
the term 'unlimited host is just a hoax, a
marketing strategy' there is nothing like
that, every host whether self hosted or
shared hosting has flaws, you cant run away
from them.

12. I dont have much to say here, i just
wanna let you know that if you know what
you are doing if you know your competitors,
if you have a mentor, if the sky aint just
your limit, if you wanna out run others in
the game you have to start now, choose,
spend if need be, and also a good name is
better than a 100million scammed item,
not only blogging pays, IM pays,
programming and webdesign, graphics etc

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Online Social Media Validation Tools

Here are list of some social media validation tools.

1. Twitter Validation Tools: Before your cards show on Twitter, you must first have your domain approved. Fortunately, it's a super-easy process.

2. Facebook Debugger: These debugging tool offer gives you a wealth of information about all your tagsand can also analyze your Twitter tags.

3. Google Structured Data Testing Tool :
Webmasters traditionally use the structured data testing tool to test authorship markup and preview how snippets will appear in search results.

4. Pinterest Rich Pins Validator : Use these tool to test your datamarkup and hire approval at the same time.

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